Wilderness Survivor Games

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Upcoming Events                              5K Mud Run                            May 13, 2017

Wilderness Survivor Games           Patriots Day 5K                       Sept 9, 2017


                                                              Patriots Day 5K Mud run       Sept 9, 2017

Event Description

Individuals and  Teams of 4 runners will compete as individuals or teams for each of the different corporations, colleges, organizations or veterans. Each team of 4 participants will race against other corporations in the Capital District.

Wilderness Survivor

5K Mud Run with

12 Military Obstacles

Wilderness Survivor 5K Zombie Run


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Option 1 Wilderness Survivor Game

5K Mud Run with 12 Military Obstacles

Wilderness Survivor Games are hardcore.  Our 5K Mud Run with 12 Obstacle course challenges are designed to measure your vigor, endurance, mind and ability to Survive. We have an awesome ground-breaking and tough survival course. Wilderness Survivor Games will challenge you to the utmost both physically and mentally. Will you be able to survive?

Wilderness Survivor Games is more than an experience; it will change your life. We challenge your physical and mental ability as well as your knowledge of Wilderness and how to Survive. You are not only challenged by your competitors but by the emergencies and events unfolding before you.

Option 2   Zombie Survivor Run

How will you deal with the car bombs about to go off around you; the land mines that incapacitate you, the poison water that disables you... How do you escape the terrorists and Zombies attacking you. When you sprint through Wilderness Survivor Games, you will form bands of Slayers in order to triumph over confrontations with nature, fanatical activists and Zombies. Upon completion of  Wilderness Survivor Games, you will be prepared to face the next world war Z attack and join the Wilderness Survival  dominion. No other obstacle course prepares you for the imminent attack and trains you to SURVIVE!